Hello October

Forget Christmas; Right Now it’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

There are four seasons to a year, and generally we experience them all dramatically in New England. Summer’s too humid, Winter’s too treacherous, and Spring’s too allergenic. Fall doesn’t have an underlying irritant, therefore Fall reigns in my seasonal hierarchy.

From the beautifully changing colors, to that cozy “in-between” sweater weather, to flavors and scents that intoxicate us with warmth — Fall is a force to be reckoned with by the other sorry 9 months of our calendar year.

To celebrate truly the most wonderful time of the year, here is my fall bucket list (some of which I’ve already completed):

  1. Go apple picking.
  2. Hoard apple cider and cider donuts in the home. 
  3. Bake a bunch of yummy treats with said apples.
  4. Drink pumpkin spice lattes and coffee repeatedly.
  5. Watch Hocus Pocus. More than once.
  6. Take a few scenic drives around New England.
  7. Have a Croc Pot cooking marathon all month.
  8. Make warm, boozy concoctions for nights in.
  9. Dress up the cats for Halloween.
  10. Eat lots of squash in varying forms.
  11. Embrace fall fashion; plaid, boots, hoodies, deep colors.
  12. Enjoy walks during lunch and after work in the most perfect temperature.
  13. Watch 5 horror movies I’ve never seen and a bunch of classics.
  14. Hoard fall-scented candles and revel in their perfect aromas.
  15. Start reintroducing beanies and knit hats to the wardrobe.
  16. Go to a haunt even though I am the most petrified.
  17. Have a Walking Dead premiere viewing event.
  18. Pair scarves with every outfit possible.
  19. Carve pumpkins (and give to someone who has an actual yard).
  20. Roast the pumpkin seeds and become instantly happy.
  21. Relish in the fact that fall “witch” makeup is so in right now. Give me all the crimson and black.
  22. Wear fuzzy socks and squish my toes in them because SO SOFT.
  23. Visit many of the Salem Haunted Happenings attractions.
  24. Go to a Rocky Horror live audience showing (even though I am a live show virgin and will probably get hazed).
  25. Go to Topsfield Fair for the first time in many years.
  26. Eat a turkey leg because, fair foods.
  27. Read a book under my new cable knit blanket.
  28. Sit outside by the fire with a beer and friends.
  29. Celebrate Dan’s Halloween birthday however his heart desires.
  30. Top my fall-inspired birthday desserts from year’s past.
  31. Photograph everything and look back when Fall is over.

To help keep me on track, I’ve found this awesome photo-a-day challenge for October that I’ll participate in on my Instagram page.
October photo challenge

I look forward to enjoying my favorite season with family and friends. A gallery of all my memories is sure to follow. ☪

Dinosaur Planters

Plantimals by Jill: Crafty Creations are Serious Business

Last year I saw these off-kilter planters online, that housed little plants in weird plastic toys. I NEEDED to own one, but not for the steep price of $40 the website was asking. I knew I could make these myself for a lot less money, with a lot more personality.

So, I made one. Then I made three more.

Dinosaur Planters

First batch of dinosaurs from left to right: Waldo Who-Knows-A-Saurus (blue), Betty Bronto, Brutus Bronto (green),  and Tally T-Rex (hot pink)

I realized I loved making these little guys and thought, “maybe I could sell them for far less than the ones I saw online, and share the awesomeness of my weird crafts with others.”

So I kept experimenting, and then I made one that caught someone’s attention online. And they bought two!

Shark Cactus

Dun dun dun dun. Cactus Jaws, watch out for Kitty.

So here we are. I’ve spent much time in the past few days ramping up my little shoppy, and I present to you: Plantimals by Jill!

I turn play things into plant things. Select from pre-made critters or send me a request for a custom order!

For now I will be servicing those on the North Shore of Massachusetts, because I don’t feel comfortable shipping delicate plants to protect the integrity of the product. Delivery within reason or pickup only. When I begin crafting with air plants, I will launch Etsy, and expand to friends all over the US!

I’m so excited to get this side hobby jobby rolling. I hope you’ll consider supporting my efforts, and share with your networks that might be interested in a new plant pal!

For your convenience, you can also find us on Instagram: @plantimalsbyjill